Vendor FAQ – What you need to know about becoming a 3DPrintNerd Vendor

Becoming a seller on is fast and easy. Here are some basic answers, sellers normally ask us via e-mail:

What are your plans?

Basic Listing – $49.95 Annual Fee ($4.16 per month)

    • You will be allowed to list up to 50 products in any category.
    • For a limited time, your products will be listed in various syndicated networks such as and google shopping(pending a feasability study).
    • In addition you get a 30 day 300 by 250 banner advertising in our right panel section.
    • All basic listings get pinned in our pinterest page.

Basic+ Listing – $99.95 Annual Fee ($8.32 per month)

Membership is similar to our Basic, but you can:

  • 50 Additional Product Listings
  • All Listings are Enhanced
  • An additional 60 days of 300 by 250 banner advertising

Premium Listing – $149.95 Annual Fee ($12.49 per month)

    • You can list up to 1,000 products in any category w/ top category, search, and enhanced listings
    • All listings will be syndicated in Pinterest (rich promoted pins), google shopping, and
    • You will have a personalized store address
    • Your store listing will be featured in our featured store top menu.
    • Your store will be featured in the comparison section below a competitor product listing. ie: if you sell colorfabb filament, then any listing with colorfabb will display your 3dprintnerd store link.
    • In addition, you get a 6 months of 300 by 250 banner advertising in our right panel section.


Do you offer free trials?

    We do not offer free trials to our memberships.

Do you offer guarantees that my sales will increase?

We only guarantee product exposure. Closing the sale is the responsibility of the vendor. Consumers tend to buy from companies that they can trust, have a good price, and provide quality service. There are benefits in listing into

Take a look at our listing analytics: 

      • 80% of visitors are seeking to purchase and/or research a 3d printing product.
      • 30% of visitors store website of searched products.
      • Average Non-Christmas Season Sales Conversion Rate is 5% & Christmas Season Sales Conversion Rate is 10%
      • Listings with at least 100 words fair better than listings that do not.
      • Premium Listings perform 500% better than basic and free listings.

Information regarding sales conversion rates is based from our reports through our partnerships with Amazon, Ebay, and Prosperent. Results may vary by vendor. Our goal is to ensure every listing on presents a high quality standard.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes. If you are unsatisfied with your membership within the first 30 days due to whatever reason, then we will cancel your membership and refund your order immediately. We do suggest members to remain for the entire year and try our service.

My company offers over 50 products, can we just upload our products?

Yes we can upload the products for you. Just e-mail with a copy of your product listing with the following: Title, Description, Buy Link(link must go directly to your product page), Image URL, and any attributes we should know.

Do you have a PPC (Pay Per Click) Feature?

No, we offer unlimited clicks to your website for a low monthly fee.

Why must we put 100 words for every product listing?

  • Product listings that have at least two images and at least 100 words have a higher sales conversion rate than product listings that do not. Listings with a product video also increase the sales conversion rate.
  • We wrote a nice article about what makes a good product listing. Click Here To Read