Uv Printer MT-UA3H



1.MT-UA3H are products of the highest resolution UV Printer in the market,the Max.printing resolution is 2880*1440dpi with High quality UV printing.It can print Chinese,English or any language character as small as 1mm. It also can print two or more different designs at the same time.Super printing speed is your best choice.
2.Full color(CMYKW)printing is at the same time by DX5 UV Printheads,which provides higher efficiency.
3.MT-UA3H flatbed UV printer provide high accuracy and ensure the high printing resolution.Because,it adopts imported motor with more accurate alignment,and no blur images.
4.MT-UA3H flatbed UV printer is instant printing and instant curing without precoating.It can be printing 3D embossing pattern.The UV printing outputs are UV proof,waterproof and scratch proof which is superior to traditional screen-printing.
5.In order to reduce the platform pressure that caused by printing material and avoid the vibration that might affect the printing resolution,the UV Printing platform is specially designed with strong alloy materials to achieve a stable printing performance,also can avoid the static electricity,which can greatly ensure the UV printing resolution.
6.MT-UA3H flatbed UV printer adopt cold LED system with 100W LED UV lamp,which has longer life span,lower cost and it can be curing printing material immediately.Also the printing image has a strong concave and convex feeling,as well as 3D embossing effect.
7.MT-UA3H flatbed UV printer can print below printing materials such as:Glass,Plexiglas,plastic, ceramic tile,stone,ceiling,crystal,acrylic sheets,plastic of ABS,PVC,PC,PE,leather,aluminum sheets,metal,wooden sheets,bamboo,billboards,KT board,foam board & flexible media like wall paper, glistening film,canvas etc.
8.MT-UA3H flatbed UV printer provide highly printing precision,the desk UV printing device is small and affordable,which is the best choice for new enterprise.

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