Uv Printer MT-2512R



1.The MT UV Printer 2512R working table is aluminum alloy plate with hardware quality oxidation treatment.
2.MT UV flatbed printing machine 2512R has 6 vacuum areas for rigid material (flatbed printing).
3.MT UV printer 2512R is using international UV ink from Belgium,Japan,Spain,and UK.
4.MT UV printer is using ink valve and UV lamp from UK.The life of imported UV lamp is 800-1000 hours, much longer than general UV lamp that is just only 500 hours lifetime.
5.MT UV printer 2512R adopts main filter and disk filter from UK.
6.MT flatbed UV printer 2512R equipped printhead imported from Japan.
7.MT UV printer 2512R is using negative pressure pump from Germany.
8.MT flatbed UV printer 2512R adopts THK guide rail with double-slider and sound off function from Japan.
9.MT UV printing machine equipped with the best quality Japanese NSK long life bearing and screw, ensure printing stability and high precision.
10.MT UV printing machine use wide 30mm long life carriage belt, inside threads can reduce noise, and ensure printing stability.
11. MT UV printer 2512R adopts separate negative pressure system for colors(C M Y K Lc Lm), white (W) and varnish (V).
12.On MT UV printing machine 2512R , the negative pressure controlled automatically; negative pressure pump will run automatically as per negative meter value.
13.MT UV flatbed printing machine equipped with individual color purging that minimizes ink consumed for cleaning printheads.14.Carriage is equipped with anti-crash device, in order to protect printhead for MT UV printer 2512R.
15.The UV printer 2512R allows you to print (color-white-color) and (white-white-color), to get 3D embossing printing effect.
16.The UV printer is using long-life two wide Steel belts instead of ball screws to avoid noise and precisely control movement of Y-axis.

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MPN MT-2512R
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