UP mini 2 extruder V2- 0.4mm Brass Nozzle 1.75mm Filament Direct Feed 8mm outside diameter



The UP mini 2 Extruder V2 is specially designed and provided for the UP mini 2. The extruder use 8mm brass nozzle and female screw type. Adjusting wind baffle on the extruder cover, you can adjust air flow to blow the PLA prints for better cooling or void of direct blow to ABS print in case of warping.

The UP mini 2 Extruder V2 uses a cooling fan with large power for better cooling.

Nozzle heater version: Nozzle heater V5

Nozzle information:

Nozzle version: Nozzle – 8mm V5
Part number: 12012
Material: Copper
Filament input diameter: 1.75mm
Output diameter : 0.4mm
Dimension: 9.22mm*8mm
Screw type: Female

Fan information:

Fan power 5V, 0.22A

Compatibility: Use on UP mini 2 only

  • LED lighting wire on the Extruder for ease view of the print process
  • Brass Nozzle V5 with a narrower and finer point for higher print quality

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MPN BC0727
UPC 840942110128