Rova3D 2 Nozzle Basic Printer



Introducing our RoVa3D printer – the most rugged and versatile desktop 3D printer on the market, and it is the perfect print solution for any user. The RoVa3D is the first printer to include up to 5-nozzle capability in a single system. It’s an industry first, and it changes everything. Here’s why: – Our patent-pending print head houses hot ends that are capable of printing at temperatures up to 450°C – All hot ends can be individually set to different temperatures to allow printing with multiple materials in the same print, even in the same layer – We’ve designed an electronically controlled liquid cooling system to prevent the nozzles from jamming and to improve performance – Most importantly, the RoVa3D is capable of simultaneous printing – it can handle up to 5 prints using up to 2 different materials at the same time.

  • 3D Printer
  • 2 nozzle, liquid cooled
  • 25-700 microns
  • 150mm/sec
  • 2 material 3D Printer