Robox RBX1 3D Printer



Enjoy fast and detailed 3D printing with the Robox 3D Printer, whose dual nozzle extruder can achieve resolutions as fine as 20 microns thin. While one nozzle fills in the body of your print quickly, the other nozzle works the outer surface in fine detail. The Robox prints with one material at a time and is compatible with a wide variety of filaments, including ABS, PLA, Nylon, PC, PET, PC-ABS, PVA, HIPS, and more. Filament is supplied to the printer on SmartReels that snap into its own compartment on the side of the build chamber. Automatic Material Recognition detects the material on the SmartReel, removing the necessity for manual adjustments, and ensures that the printer chooses the settings best suited to the material being used. Communicate with your Robox printer through the provided AutoMaker software, which allows you to customize the specific design’s print quality and characteristics, as well as more global printer settings. AutoMaker prepares your files for printing and sends them to the printer via flash drive, Wi-Fi, or the included USB cable. The Robox is pre-calibrated, levels the build platform automatically, and is ready to print right out of the box. One SmartReel of filament is included, as are cleaning wipes, tweezers, removal tools, a flash drive, and axis lubricant. The Robox 3D Printer is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Print technology fused filament fabrication (FFF) Maximum build volume: 8.3 inches long x 5.9 inches wide x 3.9 inches high Model: RBX1 Included items: Robox 3D printer, SmartReel filament spool, 10 bed wipes, tweezers, four (4) cleanup tools, axis lubricant, USB flash drive, 6.6-foot USB type A to type B cable, power cable, safety card Dimensions: 14.6 inches long x 13.4 inches wide x 9.4 inches high Weight: 25 pounds For state-specific electronic recycling and disposal information, please click here.