River City Soap-Orange Oil Light d'Limonene Microemulsion Degreaser and Adhesive Remover-55 Gallon-Direct from the Manufacturer-No Middle Man



This Completely unique material is a micro-emulsion of d’Limonene and other solvents, giving you all of the activity of much more expensive orange oil solvents at half the cost. Orange Oil Light will substitute for d’Limonene for removal of tar, asphalt and adhesives from tools, equipment, and other hard surfaces. Directions for Asphalt, Adhesive or Grease Removal: Small parts should be soaked in a covered container of Orange Oil Light until the asphalt and/or grease falls from the surface. The parts can then be removed and rinsed under running water or wiped clean to remove the Orange Oil and any traces of grease or tar that might remain. For larger parts or machinery simply spray, mop, or otherwise flood the surface to be cleaned. Application to hot equipment is not recommended. A few minutes should be allowed for Orange Oil Light to penetrate and loosen the deposits of grease, asphalt, or adhesive residue. For tough or thick deposits, physical agitation with a stiff bristle brush may give better results. Smaller areas may be wiped clean. Larger areas should be rinsed clean with large volumes of water. A high pressure washer is recommended for this last step, but a stiff spray from a garden hose will suffice. For light duty cleaning, Orange Oil Light may be mixed with 10 to 20 parts of water. Some occasional agitation of the cleaning solution will be necessary. Simply spray or wipe on the surface to be cleaned then wipe or rinse clean.

  • All the activity of pure d’Limonene (Orange Oil)
  • One Half the Cost of d’Limonene (Orange Oil)
  • Exclusive Micro-Emulsion Technology
  • Cuts Asphalt, Adhesives & Grease Faster than any Other Product on the Market
  • Rinses Easily to a Film-Free Surface

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