RioRand Arduino MEGA Ultimaker Shield (RAMPS), For stepper driver, 3D Printer, reprap



This is a board that’s very similar to other Pololu-based electronics implementations, including RAMPS,but it can support up to 5 steppers (three for X, Y, Z, one for an extruder and one for any other function). You can add as many stepper driver carriers as youneed. It is designed to run at higher voltages than 12 Volts, This allows you to put 90 Watts out of one MOSFET and run your stepper motors with more torque and higher maximum speeds. This board is also used on the Mantis-30 milling machine from Protospace and on various Mendel’s that people have built.

Note: When the jumper (closer the VR-tube 7812TV)is connected ,the power of Arduino MEGA Ultimaker Shield also will power up the Mega.


1. Arduino Mega Shield

2. Plug in all motors with simple 4-way JST connectors.

3. Made for Ultimaker’s UltiStepper Driver. Compatible with Pololu stepper driver boards.

4. Controls up to 5 stepper motors (3 for the X, Y and Z axis one for an extruder (the “E axis”), optionally you can add another axis by adding a Pololu stepper driver.

5. Configurable step sizes by placing jumpers

6. 3x 55 Amp MOSFETs outputs (with LED indicators. Actual current capability limited by PCB and connectors)

7. All pins are broken out for maximum extensibility

8. Runs from 15V to 19V.

9. Three thermocouple inputs, or thermistor inputs. The 100K thermistor is recommended.

10. Has a IDC header for adding an LCD panel (movie here)

11. Has a header for adding an SD card module.

12. A toggle-switch for powering up/down the board

13. Easier to wire up thermocouples

14.Includes a 12V regulator for an (always on) fan to cool the electronics.

15. A PWM output with power for LED arrays and other lighting

16.LCD backlight dimming can now be software controlled

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