RioRand® 3D Printer Kit RepRap RAMPS 1.4 Mega2560 rev3 5* A4988 LCD MK2a HotEnd Belts



Package List
1 x soldered and assembled RAMPS 1.4
1 x SD Ramps for Ramps 1.4
1 x Iduino Mega 2560
5 x soldered A4988 stepper driver
5 x heatsink for A4988
1 x Soldered and assembled panel with 4 rows LCD,SD card connector,a rotary encoder
5 x stepper motors Nema17
5 x T5-12 tooth Aluminum pulleys matched with motors
5 m PU T5-12tooth timing belt of 7mm wide
1 x hotend2.0 wih both 0.35mm & 0.4mm nozzle
1 x heatbed MK2a(214mmx 214mm)
1 x Aluminum plate( 220mm x 220mm x 3.2mm )
1 x Borosilicate glass(213mm x 200mm x 3mm )
3x Mechanical Endstops V1.2
1 x USB 2.0 cable
2 x cooler fan
1 x Reprap Ramps1.4 RRD Fan Extender
2 x thermistor
15x 70cm cable set (including 5 x 2-pin,5 x 3-pin,5 x 4-pin)

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