Pxmalion Ant Mini 3D Printer, Elaborately Designed Mechanical Components, High Precision Screws for Z Motion, Specially Designed Cooling System, Scientific Black




The design of Pxmalion Ant Mini is compact and simple. Those ball linear motion guides ensure the positioning accuracy. The stout sheet steel case enables the stability. Featured with small size, ease of use, good print precision, this 3D printer is proper to use in a wide range of industries. Features:

1. High precision screws for Z motion
2. Pxmalion MKS-Mini-II mother board
3. Nozzle assembly with efficient cooling
A. 0.4 mm brass nozzle, aperture reamed to no more than ±0.01mm tolerance, smooth extrusion is guaranteed.
B. Ball bearing cooling fan, much better than the ones with slide bearing in terms of performance and service life, enables stable nozzle temperature, evenness of plastic.
C. The nozzle is design with channels to guide the wind to achieve quick cooling result to ensure a favorable printing environmen
4. 3:1 ratio CNC cut gears to drive the extruder
A. Less torque required to push the filament than other designs
B. Tough, light components of engineering plastic
5. Stepper motors customized for Pxmalion
6. 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy high efficiency heating print bed
7. Elaborately designed mechanical components
A. The structural components are all machined metal
B. Brass nut for the driving screw, low friction and high wear-resistance, has long service life

Machine Dimension: 205DIAx330Hmm
Build Volume: 105Lx135Wx120Hmm
Build Accuracy: 0.1mm
Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
Printing material: PLA only
Net Weight: 7kg

Accessories Include:
1. Pxmalion Ant Mini 3D Printer
2. Epoxy platform top x 1
3. Power cable x 1
4. Glue x 1
5. SD card x 1
6. SD card reader
7. Tool Kits

  • Pxmalion MKS-Mini-II mother board
  • 3:1 ratio CNC cut gears to drive the filament feeder
  • Nozzle assembly designed with efficient cooling
  • Stepper motors customized for Pxmalion
  • No lost-steps will happen during transmission

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MPN 10-301-001