Proto-pasta HTP21705-CF High Temperature Carbon Fiber Spool , PLA 1.75 mm, 500 g , Black



P>proto-pasta’s high Temp carbon fiber PLA (htpla-cf) combines engineering-grade performance with the ease and eco-friendliness of PLA printing. Compared to the original carbon fiber PLA, htpla-cf has improved toughness for less breaking when handling and much better high-temperature resistance when annealed. Like in the original carbon fiber PLA, the added carbon fiber increases stiffness and resistance to warpage.

htpla-cf, like aromatic coffee, is based on our high Temp PLA V2.0, so it prints with ease and also has a potential heat deflection temperature (hdt) in excess of 140C (285F) depending on processing. We had good results annealing (also called heat treating or crystallizing) in an Oven at 110C (225F) for an hour. We recommend leaving the supports on your parts, placing them on a non-radiating surface (like glass, ceramic, or composite), and letting them cool in the Oven to minimize distortion. Parts must be baked above 60C for any crystallization to occur.

carbon fiber is somewhat abrasive, so consider upgrading to a wear resistant nozzle for less regular maintenance.

In our experience, good results were achieved using standard PLA parameters and standard build surface preparation (Blue tape or glue stick). no heated bed required.

These 500G spools are shipped on the industry’s only fully recyclable corrugated paper spools with no metal or plastic parts. These extremely high quality spools are rigid, lightweight, attractive, and eco-friendly. They also have a larger than normal inner core improving printability of the last few layers of Material, especially on 2.85mm diameters. The different designs on each spool are actual drawings, schematics, and Code from the equipment we manufacture your filament on. Enjoy!

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  • Includes the benefits of carbon fiber with substantially increased temperature resistance when annealed. Comes on fully corrugated recyclable spool with standard dimension
  • Matte Black finish on prints that hides layer lines for more attractive Printed parts
  • Processing is comparable to standard PLA. No heated bed required. Process may be less consistent on smaller nozzles (<.4mm) and/or bowden Type machines
  • We recommend printing this material at 190c-230c using a 4 mm or larger nozzle. Please Note that this filament is more brittle than normal PLA and requires more careful handling to prevent breaking
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with quality and customer service as a top priorities. Usa sourced packaging and labor