Proto-pasta CDP11701 Electrically Conductive Carbon Loose Coil , PLA Composite 1.75 mm, 125g , Black



Have you ever wanted to create something with your 3D printer that includes electronics may be an LED, touch sensor, or some other genius invention to solve the world’s problems then Proto-pasta conductive PLA is the perfect Material for you! this carbon-black based conductive PLA is many times more conductive than similar products with a molded resistivity of 15ohm-cm. In practical terms, if you measure a 10 cm length of 1.75mm filament the resistance will be about 2k-ohm, and 10 cm of 2.85mm filament will measure about 0.8K-ohm. This is enough conductivity for lighting up led’s, powering low draw circuits, running capacitive touch sensors, and interfacing with your favorite touch screen device!

proto-pasta conductive PLA prints with normal PLA settings on the higher temperature range, up to 240C. It prints well on most machines, larger parts can warp and a moderate heated bed can help. Layer adhesion is not as good as normal PLA and it is mechanically less strong. The filament is relatively brittle and can break easily if not handled carefully. The color is very Dark Black with a shiny appearance.

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  • High electrical conductivity of 15ohm-cm suitable for lighting led’s, touch sensors and other electronics. Please Note that this is a loose coil and NOT on a spool
  • Dark Black in color with good printing on PLA machines
  • Processing is comparable to standard PLA. No heated bed required, but it may improve results. Process may be less consistent on smaller nozzles (<.4mm) and/or bowden Type machines
  • We recommend printing this material at 220c-230c using a 4 mm or larger nozzle. Please Note that this filament is more brittle than normal PLA and requires more careful handling to prevent breaking
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA with quality and customer service as a top priorities. Usa sourced packaging and labor