Printrbot 52666 Complete Extruder



A full extruder assembly for Printrbot and non-Printrbot users alike. If you have been looking to upgrade, this is the one-stop shopping option for your extruder. Step up your prints with the Alu Extruder v2 (improved capability with flexible filaments), Ubis 13 Hot End, and more. The assembly includes: Printrbot Ubis 13 Hot End (with 30mm fan and 28″ fan extension), Printrbot Alu Extruder v2 (with hardware), Stepper Motor, 28″ Hot End Power Cable, 28″ Hot End Thermistor Extension, Printrbot Direct Drive Gear and Thread locker *Thread locker is to be used once the drive gear is properly spaced after installation of the extruder.

  • Ubis 13 Hot End included
  • Alu v2 Extruder included
  • Compatibility may vary, if it is not installed on a current Printrbot model. Some “hacking” may be required