Printdel 3D Desktop 3D Printer 200 X 200 X 180mm print area, Metal frame,Multifunctional.



PRINTDEL 3D DESKTOP 3D PRINTER 200 X 200 X 180mm Print Area.

1. Full Assembled Desktop 3D Printer. with excellent Technical Service Support. . For more details & requirement Contact at whatsapp+91 8551061793 visit our site.

Warranty terms:
1) Warranty applicable on manufacturing defects only within 7 days of receipt at customer place.
2) Warranty will be void if user try to modify the calibrations of motors or any other parts.
3) In case of any modification in any physical form will void the warranty.
4) If user tries to modify firmware then in such case warranty will not be covered and firmware will not be given at all.
5) Printdel Desktop 3D printer carry a 30 days limited warranty . Returns are not possible however we support you to get your printer running.
6) Warranty not applicable if user tamper or change electronics connections.
7) Warranty on motherboard will not be covered if user changes/make wrong connection or modify to attach any external extra device.
8) In warranty period if any issues arise we will support you through Whats app , email , skype , Calling only.
9) During warranty period in case of any parts found faulty we will repair and send it you . However buyer has to bear courier charges.
10)During warranty period if any parts found faulty manufacturer have rights to decide whether to repair or replace the part with new one . Returns & Refunds not possible , however we always helps you to keep your printer running.

Road Permit: requirement :
Customer is suppose to send us Road permit for Kolkata , Bihar, UP,Assam. Jharkhand , Uttaranchal.In-case customer is not able to send road permit, then in that case we will cannot send material to these locations.

  • Printdel 3D Desktop 3D Printer 200 X 200 X 180mm
  • Auto Bed Leveling Feature . Smart Direct Drive Extruder Multi Filament support.
  • Full metal and powder coated frame .
  • Multi-Color Layer Printing feature enables to print in multiple color’s with Single Extruder
  • Sturdy Metal Frame and Body, Latest generation Hardware and Electronics!