Pixy (CMUcam5) Smart Vision Sensor - Object Tracking Camera for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black



Pixy is a smart vision sensor you can quickly “teach” to find objects. It saves you time by only outputting the object data you’re interested in. A multitude of connection options means you can use Pixy with almost any microcontroller. It connects directly to Arduino with the included cable, and fully supports Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black with included software libraries. Included in the box is mounting hardware to attach Pixy to your robot creation. The firmware, software and hardware are open source, so you can tweak to your heart’s delight. Free tech support is included on the CMUcam wiki! Note: if you are using an Arduino shield in conjunction with Pixy, you may need to purchase Stackable Headers for the Pixy cable to fit. USB cable not included.

  • Robot vision made easy – press the button to teach Pixy an object.
  • Simplify your programming – receive just the objects you’re interested in.
  • Use whatever controller you want – includes software libraries for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone Black.
  • Communicates via one of several interfaces: SPI, I2C, UART, USB or analog/digital output
  • Configuration utility runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux

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