OneZ i3 3D Printer, Black, Advanced Robotics Design, Shipped Assembled, Metal Frame



The OneZ i3 uses only one Z axis motor driving two Z axis screws with a synchronizing belt, completely eliminating bed level creep – no need for an auto-bed-leveling mechanism. OneZ i3 printers can print thousands of hours with no leveling adjustments and consistent, micro-adjustable, 0.05mm layer heights.

A OneZ i3 uses OpenBuilds robotic wheels for X & Y axis guide. Both X and Y axis run on silent sealed bearing delrin robotic wheels instead of inaccurate, noisy, clumsy linear bearings from last century’s technology. A OneZ i3 is quieter than a 2D inkjet or laser printer. You can print on your desk in a cubicle at work, in the family room while watching TV or reading a book, or on the kitchen table over night without an apartment neighbor even knowing you have a 3D printer.

Our Xtrdr extruder is an adaptation of the popular E3D v6 Universal. Print PLA, ABS, TPU Flex, HIPS, T-glase, Nylon, etc., any filament up to 300°C. The adaptation of the Xtrdr is at the cold end, guaranteeing a positive feed through the drive gear for flexible filaments.

The OneZ i3 compact size (16″x16″x16″) makes it so easy to slip under the desk, in a corner or into a closet between sessions that we put a handle on it. Imagine doing that with a flimsy Acrylic frame Prusa i3, or a monstrous box type printer.

  • Black Edition (search Amazon “B01913O9V2” for Green Edition)
  • Quiet, 45dB at 100mm/sec. Quieter than a 2d printer. Resolution: 0.05 mm accuracy.
  • 1.75mm filament. Prints Flex, PLA, ABS, HIPS, T-glase, Nylon, etc on 8×8 inch heated bed
  • Engineered to never have a bed leveling problem – period! OneZ eliminates the problem. Period!
  • Fully Assembled and Calibrated, ready to print out-of-the-box

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MPN OneZ i3 Blk
UPC 728461212342