MG Chemicals d-Limonene (Pure Grade) Cleaner Degreaser and 3-D Printing Chemical, 32 fl oz Can



Used for dissolving HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) when used as support material for 3D printing. Use in pure form using a glass jar that has a sealable lid. Label the jar so a child or adult does not confuse the liquid to be something else (sweet citrus smell). Also an excellent cleaner degreaser that can be reduced with water. Mix 1 part solvent to 2 parts water. Shake before using. Test on surfaces before using. Do not use on plastics or synthetic rubbers. Can be used undiluted.

  • Excellent cleaner, Can be diluted with water
  • Test on surfaces before using, Do not use on plastics or synthetic rubbers
  • Sweet citrus smell
  • For dissolving HIPS support material
  • Non-Corrosive