MeltInk3D Comrade Khaki PLA 3D Printer Filament Ø 1.75mm, 1Kg (2.2 Lb), MADE in U.S.A, Dimensional Accuracy: ± 0.05mm (Skin Medium Complexion)


  • MeltInkTM3D filaments are Made in the USA.
  • MeltInkTM3D filaments are made with 100% raw materials.
  • MeltInkTM3D has high quality standards that are strictly implemented.
  • We guarantee all our filaments are 1.75mm in diameter with a tolerance of ± 0.05mm and a roundness tolerance of 5%.
  • We understand the importance of keeping your filaments humid-free. If filaments come in contact with water, quality of your printing projects will be negatively affected. To avoid this, MeltInkTM3D uses vacuum packing technologies and adds silica gel desiccant packet on every filament to ensure your printing projects will be of the best quality.
    • PLA polylactic acid is a plastic made out of renewable sources.
    • PLA filaments are not prone to warping and stickier than ABS during the printing process.
    • PLA 3D Printing filament is easier to print than ABS filament and appropriated to created prototype or models.
    • Objects printed with PLA filament have a light glossy finish.
    • Suggested Printing Temperature can vary between 195°C – 225°C

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UPC 752527153980