MeltInk 3D Printer Filament PLA/PHA 1.75mm 1Kg for any 3D Printer (Ultra Marine Blue)



Our filaments are made in the USA. Unlike other 3D printing filaments, our filaments are made with 100% virgin raw materials. MeltInkª3D has high quality standards that are strictly enforced. We guarantee that all our filaments are 1.75mm in diameter with a tolerance of (+/-) 0.05mm and a roundness tolerance of 5%. We understand the importance of keeping your filaments humidity free. Filaments that have come in contact with water, will affect the quality of your printing projects; therefore, we apply vacuum packaging to every filament to ensure your printing projects will be of the best quality.

  • PLA PHA filament for3D Printing is more rigid than ABS filaments
  • PLA PHA filament is less prone to warping during printing
  • PLA PHA filament printed objects have a lightly glossy finish
  • PLA PHA polylactic acid with Polyhydroxyalkanoate is a plastic made of renewable sources
  • Temperature can vary between 160 and 220C

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