MakiBox PrintrBoard Clone *Ships From US* RepRap Prusa Mendel Printrbot Rapidbot



Fully Assembled and Tested Electronics loaded with the Lincomatic’s Marlin Firmware and the DFU Boot Loader. Printrboard works great with any RepRap: Prusa, Mendel, Printrbot, Rapidbot, Orca, etc. Includes support for heatbed and SD card. USB Connectivity. Allegro Stepper Drivers. Eliminates the FTDI UART Chip. Green Power LED. Dimensions: 60 mm x 100 mm

  • MakiBot v1.0, Revision B, RoHS Compliant
  • Four Integrated Allegro A4982 Stepper Motor Drivers
  • Four 5V End Stops. On-Board SD Card Support
  • Atmel AT90USB1286 Microcontroller
  • 2 N-MOSFETs for Extruder and Heatbed Control. 1 N-MOSFET for Low Power Fan or Motor