Macher 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen Blue for 3D Drawing Doodling



Bring your art to life with our stereoscopic 3D printing pen. It’s small and very easy to use even for children (8 years +)

The pen operates by internally melting ABS plastic Filament and extruding it through a small nozzle at the end of the pen. The Filament cools down and hardens immediately so you can create objects in any shape or form imaginable.

You can freely adjust the printing speed as well as the temperature of the integrated heating unit. That combined with your drawing technique gives you the freedom to create anything that comes to your mind.

It’s also possible to print in many different colours. Just insert a different coloured Filament and extrude until the color changes. Create colourful and exciting little decorations for your home.


The slender pen body suits most hand sizes

Easy maintenance, replacement or cleaning

Auto standby mode – No danger of Fires

Improved Design to avoid Nozzle jamming

Endless creative opportunities for you

Technical details:

Operating temperature: 320-450°F (adjustable)

Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm

Operating Voltage: 12V

Power Adapter: included

Input: 120V@60Hz Standard US outlet

Box contents:

1x 3D Printing Pen

3x 10g ABS 1.75mm Filament sample in 3 different colors

1x 12V/3A Power Adapter (US Plug)

1x User Manual

  • Print your own plastic objects in 3 dimensions using 3D printing technology
  • Freely control the speed and amount of filament output with our hand
  • Prints with any ABS Filament on the market (3x 10g samples included)
  • Ideal for painters, product designers, hobbyists, students and children over the age of 8
  • The newest generation of 3D Pens was especially designed to prevent jamming inside the nozzle

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