Lulzbot TAZ FlexyDually 3D Printer Tool Head



It’s time to unleash your LulzBot TAZ! Now advanced users can print with both flexible and standard materials, during a single print run. Your industrial-grade LulzBot TAZ is now more versatile than ever. You can use multiple materials to make parts with built-in dampeners or grips, stretchable straps with built-in buckles, or fittings with gaskets.

The FlexyDually features one standard tool head for materials like ABS, PLA, and HIPS, and a second Flexystruder Tool Head that allows you to print with flexible filaments like NinjaFlex and SemiFlex. Both of these extruders can heat up to 240 degrees Celsius and are mounted on a single carriage. Each nozzle diameter is.5mm which is optimized for flexible filaments.

The.5 diameter slightly reduces X-Y resolution versus the.35mm nozzle on the Dual Extruder, however the increased diameter makes this tool head excellent at printing with flexible filaments. Changing nozzles is not recommended, instead print performance can be optimized through your LulzBot 3D printing software.

Thanks to the LulzBot TAZ’s modular carriage design, installing your FlexyDually Tool Head only takes a few short steps for owners of the LulzBot TAZ 4 & 5.

The FlexyDually Tool Head is an expert accessory recommended for advanced users only because both the software and hardware aspects of this upgrade require more technical capabilities. Once mastered, this tool head dramatically increases the applications for your LulzBot TAZ.

Like all products made by Aleph Objects, Inc., the FlexyDually Tool Head is fully Open Source Hardware so you can view the source files to make and share modifications and improvements.


  • Compatible with TAZ 4 and TAZ 5 3D printers. Prints 3mm filaments. Not 1.75mm compatible
  • Comes pre-assembled with quick connect headers for TAZ 4 & 5 wiring harness for simple installation. Also includes spool holder and feed tube for second reel of filament
  • Includes two Budaschnozzle 2.0c Hot ends with .50mm Nozzles
  • The FlexyDually is intended for printing flexible and stiff materials at the same time. Interested in printing two stiff materials at once? Check out the LulzBot Dual Extruder Tool Head instead
  • Firmware update required when installing this tool head