LulzBot Taulman T-Glase PET 3D Printer Filament, 1 lb. Reel, 3 mm, Clear



T-glase is a PETT based filament that can be used in most desktop 3D printers. This filament is 100% reclaimable and experiences very little shrinking and is available in a range of colors. This filament can be extruded under a wide temperature range. All T-glase colors are translucent, and at thicker layer heights can be nearly transparent!

  • Hot-end print temperature 240C
  • The high gloss surface finish is great for jewelry, props, and electronics
  • Extruded filament has excellent optical properties allowing for translucent 3D prints, and even light-pipes
  • T-glase is one of our favorite 3D printing filaments. Items printed with t-glase look vibrant and glossy. Thin-walled printed objects are translucent and eye-catching
  • T-glase 3D printing filament is recommended for intermediate users, and prints more slowly than standard beginner 3D printing filaments like ABS and PLA