LulzBot Polycarbonate-ABS 3D Alloy, 2.85 mm/500 g, Proto-Pasta, Black



Stronger than ABS and more wear resistant, PC-ABS Alloy brings strength and high temperature resistance to ABS 3D printing filament. By combining the bonding properties of ABS with the strength and higher extrusion temperature of polycarbonate, this premium alloy is perfect for small parts ready for use in the field.

  • Hot End Requirements: An all-metal hot end such as our LulzBot Hexagon Hot End is required due to the high ideal printing temperature range
  • Print Surface Recommendations: Apply a glue stick (such as UHU brand) directly to a PEI print surface before starting your 3D print for increased printed object adhesion
  • Average Length of Filament: 77 m