LulzBot Conductive PLA Filament, 2.85 mm/500 g, Proto-Pasta, Black


Unleash your inner electrical engineer with this exciting new premium 3D printing filament. Since 3D printed objects have varying structures within them, the resistance across the 3D printed object varies as well! The resistance of the 3D printed object can be different when measured across the sides of the object than the resistance when measured from the top to the bottom.

  • Use Conductive PLA filament for low-voltage printed-in-place applications such as contacts, switches, and even internal wiring traces
  • This premium 3D printing filament can also interact with some touch sensors and even touch screens
  • Estimated resistance of 3D printed parts when measured perpendicular to the layers along the X/Y axis: 30 ohm-cm
  • Estimated resistance of 3D printed parts when measured through the layers along the Z axis: 115 ohm-cm
  • Average filament length: 77 m

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