KOOKYE 3D printer control panel board with MKS Gen V1.3 RepRap Ramps1.4 + 5PCS A4988 driver



MKS Gen V1.4 control board particularly suitable for 3D printer as the main control board.It is specifically designed to solve problem existed in the Ramps 1.4 and Mega2560 board after give full consideration to the stability, heat dissipation, usabilty factors through bulk continuous testing.

Better Heat Dissipation Solution
MKS Gen V1.4 use high-quality MOSFET tube to have better heat dissipation;
MKS Gen V1.4 use high-quality 4-layer circuit board to optimize the heat dissipation compared to ramps with 2-layer,
MKS Gen V1.4 use a dedicated power chip, support 12V-24V power input, to solve the chip’s heat problem from ramps voltage converter.
MKS Gen V1.4 is compatible with 24V input power under the same power and make hot-bed current reduce to 1/4, which could solve effectively the MOS tube heat problem.

More Broad Compatibity
MKS Gen V1.4 have the same identical configuration with ramps1.4 and support the open source Marlin, could directly replace the ramos1.4.
MKS Gen V1.4 can be directly connected to the Ramps1.4 control panel,12864LCD and 2004LCD control panel.
MKS Gen V1.4 reserve for motor pulse and direction output ports for an external high-current (eg 2A, 5A) motor drive circuit.
MKS Gen V1.4 reserve Ramps1.4 on Servos, AUX-1, AUX-2 interface and provides three 5V output, three 12V outputs.

Warning: Connecting or disconnecting a stepper motor while the driver is powered can destroy the driver. (More generally, rewiring anything while it is powered also destroy the driver).

Package Includes:
1x MKS Gen V1.4 3D Printer Control Board
5x A4988 Driver

  • SPECIALLY FOR 3D PRINTER–MKS Gen V1.4 control board brings the Ramps 1.4 and Mega board together and is especially applicable for 3D printer.
  • USABILITY FOR 3D PRINTER–It’s fireware could adapt to open source Marlin and directly replace Ramps1.4; It also could directly connect the ramps1.4、2004LCD and 12864 LCD control panel.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMACE–MKS Gen V1.4 are tested for many times by our technicist and prove to have excellent performace in stability and reliability.
  • BETTER HEAT DISSIPATION–MKS Gen V1.4 use high-quality 4-layer circuit board and MOSFET tube to optimize heat dissipation, the power use dedicated chip to solve the the heating problem.
  • Broad compatibity–MKS Gen V1.4 support an external motor drive circuit with high-current(eg 2A, 5A) ; Support A4988,8825 and TMC2100 stepper motor; Reserved servos,AUX-1 and AUX-2 interface, provide three 5V output and two 12V output.

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