justpla - Green 3mm PLA Filament for 3D Printers



Glossy Bright Green 3mm PLA Filament

  • High Quality – New 3mm PLA with glossy vivid and bold colors. For Afinia, Reprap, Up!, MakerBot, PrintrBot and UltiMaker and any 1.75mm filament compatible 3D Printer
  • Pure NatureWorks 4043D Resin with excellent diameter stability of 0.03m. Round, smooth and clean filament with vaccum sealing for protection
  • Excellent adhesion to blue painter’s tape / kapton and glass plates. Sticks to hairspray and PVAC glue type adhesives. Heated Bed optional, recommended for glass plates (70º C)
  • Extrusion Temperature range from 190º C to 230ºC
  • Support and additional info for all our filaments at justpla.com