Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Solar Hydrogen Education Kit



The Solar Hydrogen Education Kit from Horizon features a hydrogen fuel cell and solar panel designed to educate on the applications of clean, renewable energy and how they work. The solar panel and hydrogen fuel cell offer the freedom to invent your own clean energy using fuel cells and renewable hydrogen created using the sun (solar panel) and water (hydrogen fuel system). Each of these renewable energy generators can be used individually or together and are great teaching aides for home and/or the classroom. Also included with the kit is a renewable energy educational CD to help further educate users on these cutting edge technologies while also providing an experiment manual and assembly guide.

  • Horizon puts renewable energy technology into the hands of our future scientists
  • Solar Hydrogen Education Kit generates clean energy using the sun
  • Renewable hydrogen is created using only solar energy and water
  • Combining cutting-edge science, education and fun for all!
  • Includes fuel cell, small electric motor, propeller blade, experiment manual and assembly guide

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