Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies HydroWind Education Kit



Young engineers can invent their own clean energy applications from fuel cells and renewable hydrogen made with wind and water. Includes a real wind turbine which can inspire kids get to develop their own applications using a zero-carbon fuel. Hydro WindPitch also features LED Voltmeter/Music Maker Module to demonstrate the power created from the wind energy in the form of musical sounds and illuminated LED lights. Includes a complete guide with curriculum on wind energy and fuel cells, an easy-to-follow experiment manual, assembly guide and background history of wind power and fuel cell technology.For ages 12 and up. Make your own clean energy applications Features LED Voltmeter/Music Maker Module Easy-to-follow experiment manual Assembly guide included For ages 12 and upSize13″L x 13″W x 5″H.

  • Horizon puts renewable energy technology into the hands of our future scientists
  • Turn wind power into hydrogen energy!
  • Build your own hydrogen-powered inventions using a fuel cell
  • Features the WindPitch Education Kit, complete with a miniature real-working wind turbine
  • Includes fuel cell, wind turbine, LED voltmeter/music maker module, experiment manual and more

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