Horizon FCJJ-21, H-Cell 2.0, Hybrid Hydrogen-Electric Kit



H-Cell 2.0 lets you create your own hybrid hydrogen-electric applications. Horizon’s next generation H-Cell replicates the technology of real-scale hybrid vehicles- improving electrical batteries with the addition of hydrogen fuel that has extremely high energy density. Acceleration is still drawn from the existing batteries while the H-Cell provides hydrogen power for cruising. With H-Cell the vehicle can run up to four times longer than with the battery alone. The system is designed with RC hobbyists in mind and is optimized for 1:10 scale vehicles.


• Includes hydrogen storage, supply (optional) and electronics
• Designed for 30W hybrid power in model cars, boats, robots, and more
• Integrated electronic valves and regulators for reduced volume
• Compatible with HYDROFILL hydrogen supply system

Contents Include:

• Fuel cell unit
• Pressure regulators
• Hydrogen cartridges
• Electronic valve support
• Electronic control box
• Aluminum support plate
• Silicon rubber tubing
• Four-port connector
• Fasteners
• Spanner
• Screw driver
• Wiring protection covers
• Aluminum plate connectors
• Plastic tie
• Silicon sheet
• Filter

  • Perfect for RC hobbyists.
  • Produces 30W of power using green energy by utilizing hydrogen fuel.

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