HK Affinity A1 Afinibot Reprap Delta 3D Printer



Afinibot Delta 3D Printer ROSTOCK Mini Pro Replicator Machine 3 D DIY Kits LCD- Rostock Mini is a delta 3D Printer originally designed by Bwevans, with smaller build volume compared to a Rostock or Kossel, but much more compact, portable, and desktop friendly- We improved Rostock mini with carbon fibre arms, Traxxas 5347 u-joints, and a planetary gearbox extruder- The top and bottom plates are made from 6mm acrylic sheet to give strong support of the entire frame- This is a complete kit that contains everything including tools to build a Rosotck Mini Pro- The mechanical part can be finished between 3-6 hours depending on your experience with RepRap machines-Specification- FormingTech FDM- Build Size 170170180mmMax- Nozzle Diameter 0-4mm- Precision X, Y, Z 0-01mm- Printing speed 180mms- Print thick 0-1-0-4mm- Filament support PLA ABS – Operating System WIN7, WIN8- System Platform Cura- File Format STL- Power Input110220 V- Port Input USB- Offline Print support- Dimensions 250 x 250 x490 mm- WeightAbout 8 kg-Features- Build Volume 170 x 170 x 180 mm- cylinder- Electronics RAMPS 1-4- Heatbed No PLA is the recommended filament- Extruder Bowden extruder set up with planetary gearbox coupled Nema 17 motor- Included in the Rostock Mini Pro Kit 3d printer- Mechanical8 mm hardened precision rod 49cm x 6- GT-2 belt and 36-teeth pulleys x 3- Pneufit push-in fittings for bowden extrusion x 2- 3K carbon fibre hollow tubes x 6 3d printer- Traxxas 5349 u-joints x 12- Electrical 3d printer- Assembled RAMPS 1-4 w 4 Pololu steppers- 12V 10A laptop power charger- Nema 17 motors with 0-55 Nm torque x 3- Nema 17 motor coupled with a planetary gearbox- J-head MKIV hotend 0-4mm orifice, 1-75mm filament opening SKU: HKFN002