Heliocentris 348, Dr. Fuel Cell Reversible Fuel Cell With Storage



The Heliocentris Reversible Fuel Cell with Storage is designed as a high quality, durable reversible fuel cell for the Dr FuelCell Model Car Kit. This component is a fuel cell and hydrogen generator in one. It is operated with distilled water and requires no caustic solutions or acids. The generated hydrogen is stored in integrated gas storage cylinders, safely and directly. When paired with a Dr FuelCell Solar Panel, it works as an electrolyzer to create hydrogen and store hydrogen, and as a fuel cell to consume the hydrogen and power a load.

It can be used as stand-alone unit, but users must be sure it meets their technical requirements. Please review the specifications in detail to determine if this is right for your project.

  • An electrolyzer and fuel cell, all in one!
  • Apply electrical current and pure water to produce hydrogen and oxygen, the hydrogen produced then feeds the fuel cell’s electrochemical reaction.
  • Translucent blue casing makes scientific observations fun and easy to view.

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