GENESIS 3D Printing Pen with Bonus Filament Refills & 3D Print Removal Tool



Lasso Labs 3D Printing Pen comes with 5 Meter Free ABS filaments in assorted colors.
You’ll be able to make unlimited and original creations!

Our 3D Printing Pen is made with the finest materials to ensure durability and usability. It allows you to create 3D objects simply by drawing objects in the air. This 3D printing pen is the newest and coolest form of art equipment that you will ever have.

How does Lasso Labs 3D Printing Pen work?
This 3D Printing Pen comes with free filaments that you insert into the pen’s feeding hole. It has a special LED indicator to let you choose what type of material that you will load on the pen, whether “PLA” or “ABS”. You can control the heat and speed of the extrusion of material used for precision. Now, you can start creating unlimited crafts – whatever comes into your imagination!

  • UNLEASH YOUR INNER CREATIVITY – This 3D printing pen allows you to improve your imagination by letting you draw stuff that you can actually touch. If you are good at drawing on a paper, what more with a 3D pen where you can make your drawings come to life?
  • UNLIMITED IDEAS – With this 3D pen, the sky is the only limit. You can create unlimited stuff with whatever you can imagine.
  • PERFECT AS A GIFT – This 3D printing pen is a perfect gift for your loved one, children, siblings, parents, and friends! This is definitely the coolest way to showcase your creativity, and to create original and amazing stuff!
  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN – This 3D printing pen by Lasso Labs is made of high quality materials that are truly durable. This product comes with an easy-to-follow user’s manual for you to observe precautionary measures to prevent misuse that causes damage.
  • COVERED BY OUR INDUSTRY LEADING 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY – When you order from us, you’re in good hands with our no-risk, no-questions asked Money Back Guarantee and Top-Rated customer service. A brand that’s committed to your success!

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