Filament Outlet White Plastic Color Additive Filabot ABS, PLA, HIPS, PE 1.0oz (28.34g) Colors approx. 5lbs of base resin



Plastic color additive is added to plastic resin pellets to achieve a desired color. This is concentrated additive to be mixed in at 1% +/-. You can add more or less to make the color darker or lighter. This is a unique color additive pellet that can be used for many various base resins. For best results use natural or white base resin. Base resin sold seperatly, please see our other listings.

  • Colors Approx. 5lbs of Base Resin
  • Works With Multiple Resins
  • Compatible with ABS, PLA, PE, PP, PUR, PVC, Acetal, PBT, Nylon, PC, PES
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