Filament Outlet Blue ABS 3mm 3D Printer Filament 1kg (2.2lbs) spool USA



This is high quality filament made in the USA with pride. Tolerances are better than +/-0.10mm and quality is guaranteed. Our filaments have been proven in most 3D printers including popular Reprap, ID3, MakerBot, Ultimaker, Afinia, Solidoodle, Printrbot, MakerGear, UP, and others. All filament comes on a plastic spool, vacuum sealed with desiccant, and packed in a corrugated box. Our materials are made only from the best virgin resins and produce the best products from your printer. We offer many different colors and materials including PLA, ABS, PC/ABS, HIPS, and others. We are a manufacturing company not just a distributor so we have the ability to produce custom colors/materials as well as custom sizes. If you extrude your own filament we also offer resin and color concentrates too, perfect for Filabot.

  • Works with any 3D printer specified for ABS. 250C is a good starting temperature.
  • Made only from the best virgin materials. Tolerances better than +/-0.10mm
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  • Extruded with inline laser diameter control for guaranteed quality.
  • Used by top OEM manufacturers for prototype and production parts.