Felix 3.0 - 3d Printer DIY Kit



Order now directly with the manufacturer from the Netherlands; the FELIX 3.0, our newest generation 3D printer. Now the high quality printer available at a low price in the USA due to the low Euro – US Dollar exchange rate.

Portable due to low weight (9kg) and the convenient handle to take it everywhere you want to go
Upgradeable design to always upgrade to latest technology available without buying a whole new printer
High performance heated bed is flat, light and stiff, resulting in very good print adhesion

High quality:
– Detailed prints with minimum layer height of 50 micrometre (0.05mm) guaranteeing high quality
– Quality components are used to ensure long lasting printing experience
– Rigid construction of a strong aluminium frame which can withstand high accelerations of the moving parts to ensure high quality with fast printing

– Wide range of filaments available up to 275°C melt temperature
– Very large build volume of 255 x 205 x 235 mm
– Multiple applications in prototyping, small productions, custom-made samples, hobby projects, scale model, art projects and education

Reliable and quiet:
– Durable materials in a smart construction with rigid frame, bearing and heated bed it guarantees a reliable printing process
– Easy maintenance due to the open and smart design the parts are easily accessible and easy to calibrate and maintain
– Quiet due to the frame design, bearing type and low noise fans you can enjoy your prints come to life in peace

Please note price is excluding VAT and import duties.

Please note this is a Do It Yourself kit which you can assemble to a full working 3d printer. As option we offer a dual upgrade set and a stand alone option, please contact us after your purchase if you would like to buy these.

  • Reliable printing
  • Higher quality at higher speeds
  • Many Options also later addable: Dual extrusion, stand alone & more
  • Upgradeable design
  • Supports of many filaments; PLA – PET – FLEX – PVA (water soluble) – ABS

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