Evo - an intelligent Battery Base for 2nd Generation Echo Dot. (



Introducing Evo.

The Echo Dot continues to evolve at a fantastic pace; however, the one limitation is that it requires you to be tethered to wherever you decide to plug in the device.

Nothing kills the joy of having a wonderful device more than feeling like it is leashed to an electrical outlet. That is where Evo comes in. Evo allows you to move you Echo Dot to other areas with ease.

Imagine for the next social gathering at your home, being able to move from the living room to the dining room, and then the patio, without interrupting the music playing. Or simply being able to bring your Echo Dot from your bedroom to your kitchen, without interrupting your daily flash briefing.

Owners know that the Echo Dot adds a level of convenience to your life, and Evo brings that convenience to a whole other level.

  • Easily and securely attaches to Echo Dot by a magnet with no interference. Easy to separate.
  • Enables your echo dot to continuously function for more than 6 hours without being plugged in.
  • Recharges using the Echo Dot power adapter.
  • Intelligent battery management system allows the user to leave the power adapter plugged in without damaging the battery.
  • Please use the plug and cable that came with the Echo Dot.

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