eSun CCU175R05 Color change by UV - Red 1.75 mm. - 0.5 kg. Per Roll



Color changed by light filamentColor changing filament series remains PLA original performance that is non-toxicenvironment-friendly excellent printing performanceetc. After the sun or ultraviolet’s radiation Absorb the sunlight/UV energy then produce color change When losing the radiation of sun / ultraviolet it’ll back to the original color.
ParametersCategories – Purple Blue Yellow Red Gray Orange(Colorless turn to Colored)
StorageStore in a cool ventilated dry place under normal temperature(about 23°C)
WarningThe filament does not contain harmful substances comply with the safety of toys and food packaging specifications
FeaturesPrint temperature – 190-200 °C.
First layer temperature – 195 °C.
Print base material – PLA.
Color – Red.
Size – 1.75 mm.
Item Weight – 0.5 kg. Per Roll.

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