Eovsea 1.75 3D Printer Filament PLA 1kg +/- 0.03mm, White 1.75mm



Product Features
The 1.75mm ABS Filament from MakerBot is designed to work with the MakerBot Replicator 2X and earlier 3D printer models. The MakerBot ABS Filament was comprehensively quality tested at both 100-micron and 200-micron layer resolutions on the MakerBot Replicator 2X. This was to ensure the MakerBot ABS Filament will perform every feature that MakerBot MakerWare software offers with ease.
The MakerBot ABS Filament also undergoes long duration testing to ensure that there are no deviances in print quality. Every millimeter of the MakerBot ABS Filament has been subjected to stringent laser testing. With a consistently round diameter, the MakerBot ABS Filament provides high print-quality and consistent flow through the extruder nozzle.
The MakerBot ABS Filament adheres well to kapton tape on a heated build-plate, which it requires. Also, your build-plate must be level, clean, and oil-free to ensure the highest quality 3D printing. It is also recommended that you use the MakerBot ABS Filament and your MakerBot 3D printer in a well-ventilated area.
The MakerBot ABS Filament can also be used in conjunction with MakerBot Dissolvable Filament (sold separately), which acts as a solid infill material.

What’s in the box
MakerBot ABS Filament, 1.75 mm Diameter, 1 kg Spool

Product Specification
Length:1.75mm – 400m

Glass Temperature:221° F / 105° C
Melting Temperature:Amorphous (no true melting point)
Nozzle Temperature:446° F / 230° C

Spool Diameter:8.00″ / 20.32 cm
Spool Width:3.00″ / 7.62 cm
Spool Hub Hole:2.00″ / 5.08 cm

0.068″ / 0.175 cm
Weight:2.2 lbs / 1 kg

  • 75mm ABS 3D Printer Filament from Monoprice
  • ABS is one of the most commonly used filament types in 3D printing
  • It has a high tensile strength and good overall toughness
  • It has a low density and is softer than PLA which means lower weight and lower cost when printing large models

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