Enclosure for Makerbot Replicator Style 3D Printer



A precision enclosure for you Makerbot Replicator 3D printer, and similar clones (Flashforge Creator, CTC, etc). Includes Acrylic panels for the side openings, Double Latching acrylic doors (Double Doors do require drilling holes for hinges), and snap together acrylic top – as in NO Hardware to assemble the top. This enclosure is designed specifically for your printer by TabSynth Design Works LLC. Guaranteed to fit, it will improve the print quality of your 3D printer, and it’s appearance. By better controlling the print environment and reducing temperature swings this enclosure reduces warping which leads to parts splitting, and pulling off the build platform. There are slight dimensional variations between different printer manufacturers. Mostly as relates to side wall openings. To insure a good fit with your printer, be sure to indicate the manufacturer of your printer, when ordering (ex: Makerbot Replicator, Flashforge Creator, etc). Note: This enclosure is a third party add-on which is in no way endorsed by your printer manufacturer. This enclosure alters the internal printer environment and elevates the temperature inside your printer. As always you should carefully monitor your printers condition while in operation. It is critical to consistent good performance.

  • Clear 3mm Acrylic Panels
  • Latching Double Doors
  • Easy Assembly
  • Easy to install and removable
  • Improves Print quality, reduces warping

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