DELTA WASP Turbo 4070



WASP’S 3D DELTA PRINTER FOR CUTTING EDGE IDEAS- 90 MINUTES OF TRAINING INCLUDED INTRODUCING THE WASP 4070 DELTA TURBO 3D PRINTER, THE LARGEST AND FASTEST 3D PRINTERS IN THE AMERICAN MARKET! WITH A MAXIMUM SPEED OF 600 MM/S, A MASSIVE PRINT VOLUME OF 84 LITERS, AND EXTREME ACCURACY AND MANY UNIQUE FEATURES EXPLAINED BELOW, THE WASP 4070 IS A WORLD-CLASS PRECISION ENGINEERED MACHINE, SUITABLE FOR ALL OF THE PRINT JOBS THAT OTHER MACHINES JUST CAN’T DO. FEATURES & PERFORMANCES *Variable Speed and Temp DURING print! *Resurrection System: In the event of the loss of power, or the need to move your 3D printer mid-print arises, you can simply turn the machine off. When you turn the machine back on, you will be able to restart the print just where it left off! *Layer resolution: 0.05 > 0.25 mm *Precision: X-Y 0.05 / Z 0.01 mm *Print speed: 250 / turbo 400 mm/s *Move: 6.000 / turbo 10.000 mm/s2 *Travel speed: 150 / turbo 400 mm/s *Print area: Ø 400 – h 670 mm *Printing volume: 84 liters TECH & MATERIALS *FFF filament: Ø 1,75 *Materials: abs, pla, hips *Experimental.: pet, nyl, flx, pst, pur, lay *Nozzle Ø: 0.4 / * 0.7 / * 0.9 mm *Fast interchangeable extruders *Extruder: porcelain, ceramic, clay BODY & MECHANICS *Rails/chassis: aluminium unibody *Runner: hi-speed anodized alu *Motors: Nema17-1/16 microstep *Belt: hi-speed fiber reinforced *Body: 85 x 77 x 199 cm / 50 kg *Buildplate: Stainless STEEL *Wheels: 3x with breaks ENERGY & POWER *Supply: 110-230 V / 50-60Hz *Extruder temp: max 260°C *Hot-plate temp: max 100°C *Pwr print+plate: 130+400W *Light: built-in white led *Glasses: polycarbonate SOFT & HARDWARE *Free: Win, Mac, Linux *File format: stl, obj, gcode *Data input: SD + usb *ARM 32bit + lcd led

  • Fly By Bowden Extruder
  • heated bed and auto level- 40 by 70cm build volume
  • pla, abs, and all experimental filaments. Cermaic Extruder upgrade available for printing in clay
  • fastest printer in the world up to 600 mm/s
  • resurrection feature

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MPN P3D228
UPC 682500450020