Chinatera Practical 50MM Tawny High Temperature Heat Resistance Polyimide Kapton Tape



Suitable for phone battery, coil insulation, connecting finger protection, etc.


Color: Tawny

Size: (WxL) 50mm x 33m

Material: kapton tape

Type: Adhesive products

Temperature Resistance: (Short-term)300(℃) (Long-term) 250(℃)

1 x Kapton Tape

  • High insulation, low electrolysis and great mechanical properties.
  • Can resist high & low temperature, corrosion, tear and so on .Size: (WxL) 50mm x 33m
  • Strong adhesion and easy to peel off without leaving adhesive residue on the surface.
  • Protect the surrounding components as welding some precision IC.
  • Fix the positive and negative electrode of lithium battery.Use in appliances insulation or PCB pyrol

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MPN 88068
UPC 602747645560