Blue Dragon BDFPKH1728-B FirePrint KH-1728 Business 3D Printer



Our customers challenge convention and dare to create. That is why Blue Dragon built the fireprint series of 3D printers, to complement our customers imagination. Our machines are the fastest way for anyone to go from idea to creation. We have worked with customers in many industries: aerospace, medical, automotive, education, architecture and more. What we have learned is reflected in the fireprint series of 3D printers. We deliver a 3D printing system not just a 3D printer. Our focus is your productivity no matter the Size or scope of the job, Blue Dragon 3D printers are the solution. Fff 3D printing technology when exacted through professional equipment is hard to beat from a cost and scale-up Proposition. Blue dragon’s 3D printers present industry leading value that allows for multiple units to be purchased where you would normally only purchase one. Thus increasing access and capacity so your company can seriously realize value through 3D printing. The fireprint kh-1728b 3D printer delivers value in so many ways, and that’s something we pride ourselves with as a brand who is focused on helping our customers profit with 3D printing.

  • Massive heated Build capacity – 12 inch x 12 inch x 12 inch
  • Fireprint SOLO – Elite single nozzle 4-material/color 10> micron printing system
  • Fireprint XACT – advanced sensor & software that ensure a level print every time
  • Fireprint core – specialized x/Y Axis movement is immune to backlash & accelerates fast, sustaining travel speeds of over 250mm/sec with complete accuracy
  • Integrated 7″ LCD touchscreen computer system for friendly standalone operation

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UPC 754105349341