ASAPTech Premium Clogged Free 3D printing ABS Royal Blue 3.00mm Filament



High-quality 3D Printing material Royal Blue ABS Filament 1.75mm for use in Prototype printing 1kg/per roll Provided on a wide-diameter plastic spool Not recommended for printers without a head print bed.

  • 3.00 mm ABS Filament
  • Can be use in: Afinia Reprap MakerBot Solidoodle Ultimaker and many desk top 3D printer
  • Platform Type: Glass/Aluminum, Plateform Preheat 110C, Best Extruder/Nozzle Temperature 210-250C
  • Products come with spool/holder:spool size is 16.5cm -diameter by 16.5cm by 10cm -height
  • Premium Quality