Anycubic High Accuracy Prusa i3 3D Desktop Printer Self Assembly DIY Table Printer Parts with SD Card and Filament




Structure: Acrylic (8mm-thick)

Molding Technique: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Layer Thickness: 0.1~0.3 mm

Positioning Accuracy: 0.012 mm (X/Y axis), 0.02 mm (Z axis)

Standard Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm

Standard Extruder: MK8 single extruder

Printing material support: ABS/PLA/Wood/HIPS/Flexible

Recommended Filament: PLA (1.75 mm in diameter)

Recommended Nozzle Temperature: 180°C-200°C(Max temp. 260°C)

Recommended Printing Speed: 50mm/s

Mainboard: All-in-one Anycubic mainboard equipped with 5pcs A4988 motor drives.

Print Size:200mm*200mm*160mm

Stepper Motor : 42mm ; Angular distance 1.8 degree

Printing File Format: STL, G-Code

Operating System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

Software Compatibility: Cura, Makerbot, Slic3r, Simplify 3D

Working voltage: Input 110-240V , Output 12V

Connection: USB, SD card(Off-line printing is supported )

Machine size: 460*435*427 mm

Package size: 460*460*210 mm

Package weight: about 11 kg

Our Advantage:

1.Professional After-sale Support:Any problems if you experience ,please feel free to contact us directly.Including assembling,debugging and operating the pinter ,some download resources are also available

2.Quality Guarantee:For 3 months after the date of purchase,we take care of all parts of quality-related issues with a replacement

Package List:

1*Unassembled Prusa i3

1*SD card

1*Spool PLA 1.75mm filament(random color)

1*Anycubic 3d printer filament holder

1*English manual

1*Pack of tools

  • All-in-one Anycubic mainboard with stable performance, better functionality and compatibility Fool-proofing plug design .Compatible with the firmware of 2560+Ramps,each motor has an individual drive instead of sharing drive on Melzi mainboard.Mainboard has reserved a host on framework for customized modification (for 12864 LCD screen, and Ramps1.4+2560)
  • Able to resume work from intentional power-off,which is different from others.
  • X/Y axis will return to ZERO when pausing for filament change, which is able to avoid damaging the printing model effectively
  • Using screw rod motor instead of shaft-join motor to provide easy assembling and guarantee the high printing accuracy
  • Smaller size and stronger structure: 8mm-thick acrylic framework instead of 6mm-thickgive rigid support for printing work,machine diminsions:460*435*427mm ,easier to be carried

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