Afinia H800 3D Printer + Matter and Form 3D Scanner Bundle Package



Both the Matter and Form 3D Scanner and the Afinia H800 3D printer are precise, reliable, and simple to set up and use. are simple to set up and use, so you’ll be scanning and 3D printing in no time. Scan an object in as little as five minutes, export the .STL file, open it with Afina’s software, and hit print. It’s that easy! Please note that the printer and scanner may ship and be delivered separately.

The Afinia H-Series 3D Printers provide a true “Out-of-the-Box 3D Printing Experience” as the 3D Printers comes fully assembled with easy to install software for both the PC and Mac. The Afinia H-Series 3D Printers can prototype a part or model, within .10mm (4 thousandths of an inch) accuracy, that have 30% of the strength of injection molded parts. The H800 also features fully-automated platform leveling and height sensing, and a HEPA filtration system.

The Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D Scanner helps to make your idea reality and fast track the design process. A moving HD camera head with dual lasers and a rotating platform makes scanning three-dimensional objects easy, fast and accurate. After a one-time set up, simply place an object on the scanner, click a button to scan, and watch it go. An efficient footprint and integrated case help keep your scanner and workspace neat, and protect both the turntable and the camera. Simply fold up the base when not in use. No other protective or storage case needed.

  • ALL-IN-ONE BUNDLE: Scan objects in 3D with the Matter and Form 3D scanner, then easily print these scans in 3D using the Afinia H800 Printer
  • PRECISE: Scan objects with 250 micron accuracy and print up to a maximum resolution of 100 microns
  • EASY CALIBRATION: Calibrate the scanner in two simple steps while the printer utilizes its automatic nozzle height calibration and bed leveling features
  • VERSATILITY: Mac and PC compatible. Save and export scans in XYZ, PLY, OBJ, and STL format, then fabricate parts using ABS and PLA filament (filament sold separately)
  • PERFECT SIZES: Scan objects up to 7 x 7 x 9 inches (L x W x H) and fabricate parts up to 10 x 8 x 8 inches (L x W x H)

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