ABS Filament 70-Stick Sampler for 3DFormer and 3D Drawing Pen



Make sure you are always ready to use your 3DFormer pen with the Filament Sampler pack from DIM3printing. 7 different colors of 10x30mm long 1.75mm ABS filaments come in this pack. 3DFormer’s 0.5mm/s to 20mm/s adjustable solidification speed makes the control of the 3D drawing in space the easier than ever before. 3DFormer uses the 3D printer compatible 1.75mm ABS filaments and Dim3printing’s proprietary PLA filaments to boost your creativity. Includes 70 filament sticks in 7 colors. The Rainbow filament pack includes: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple. The Formula filament pack includes: Natural, Black, Grey, Red, Blue and Yellow. Materials: ABS Plastic Dimensions: 13L x 1.5W x 1.5H Weight: 0.27 lbs