5 Watt Solar Panel Water Pump With Battery and LED (AP009BS) by Garden Sunlight


5 Watt Solar Panel Water Pump With Battery & LEDHeavy Duty Solar Fountain/Pond/Pool/Water Feature Pump Water Solar Pump is Designed for Fountain, Pond, or Outdoor Use, the Pump Gets Power Direct From Sun. This Save a lot of Energy & Money.Enjoy the sound of water fountain from our eye-catching superman solar pump kit that is powered by direct sunlight gathered in a solar panel. It can be set up easily wherever desired without the need for batteries or wiring installation. Perfect for creating a new fountain, waterfall anywhere in the pond, yard or patio. Replace your present electric power with this solar pump kit to make your fountain more environment-friendly, more portable and safer for your kids. Features This Solar pump is designed with LED fountain light, when running the solar pump during the night, the fountain light will automatically illuminate the water spray. Pump can be used either by day or at night. Battery back up. Day mode: This mode should be used when sunlight condition is good. Sunlight runs pump and diverge part of power stored in battery backup for night mode use. In this mode, the pump performance is directly related to the intensity of sun exposure. Night mode: This mode should be used during overcast condition and night time. Pump runs by battery if there is sufficient power in the battery. Water Flow function: The water flow can be adjusted by press water flow button on the control box. There are 4 levels water flow to fit differenct size fountain needs. Water flow also can be adjusted from the pump directly. 5 Watts Mono-Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel 15V DC Pump Operation Voltage Water lift : 1.4 meters Solar Panel Dimension: 27cm x 23.5cm Water flow Capacity: 500 LPH Cable Length: 5 meter or approximate 16 feet Timer Setting: AUTO , 1 HOUR, 2 HOUR , 4 HOUR Memory Fuction Rechargeable Battery : Lead Acid Battery 6V-4AH control housing with Lead-acid battery 6V-4AH Brand New in Retail Packaging Package includes : * 1x 27cm x 23.5cm Solar Panel. * 1x 15V submersible pump with 5 meters lead. * Accessories includes: 2 fountain heads and 4 inter-connectable tubes, 1x solar panel support spikes. 1x control system with battery 1x fountain light with 5 LEDs

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