3D Systems 350415 iSense 3D Scanner for iPad 4G



3D Systems iSense 3D Scanner for iPad 4G Unleash the power of mobile 3D scanning on your iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini with the new iSense.  Its integrated design makes it easy to capture every dimension of your favorite moments – scan your friends and family, pets and everyday events, all on your iPad, all in 3D.   The iSense snaps onto your iPad, transforming it into a 3D scanner.  This allows you to capture images in three dimensions, right from your device.  Able to scan objects of all sizes, up to full bodies and scenes nearly 10 feet tall and wide, the iSense is a versatile product, and a great accessory to any 3D printing system.   The iSense has a full operating range is 16″ to 11.5′.  Reducing distance between yourself and the target object increases the amount of detail being captured.  The closer you are, the more accurate your scan will be.  However, if you become too close, the screen will turn white, alerting you that the iSense is unable to capture any image information.  3D Systems has designed this product to be user friendly and easy to use.  Simply turn it on, and you’re ready to go.   The iSense features customizable settings, a versatile scan range, and even automatic object recognition.   What is automatic object recognition?   Say you wanted to scan your friend’s head and print a small statue.  You want to capture their physical features.  You do not want to capture the potted plant in the corner.  You do not want to scan the lamp six feet away.  The iSense recognizes the human form and knows what you are doing.  It knows what you want, and ignores the rest of the room.  3D Systems designed this product so that you can use it easily.  They have eliminated guesswork, and replaced it with simplicity

  • iSense 3D Scanner for iPad 4G
  • Snaps On and Turns iPad into 3D Scanner
  • Minimum Scan Volume: 7.8 x 7.8 x 7.8″
  • Maximum Scan Volume: 9.8 x 9.8 x 9.8′