3D stuffmaker Premium PLA Easyflow Filament 3.00mm/ 1.0 kg Spools (4kg Bundle Pack)



3D Stuffmaker is a division of iPRINT Technologies and sets the standard for 3D printing. We manufactures affordable 3D printers and have various models specifically designed for professionals, innovators and hobbyists. Our 3D printers are used extensively by inventors, designers, engineers, educators and are used for robotics, toy and model making.

Facts about PLA:

PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) is an ideal 3D printing filament to use in 3D printers. It’s a biodegradable polymer derived from 100% renewable resources. It’s even suitable for composts!

1KG of PLA is about 100m long in 3mm form. That is about the volume of a 1.5 liter milk carton if printing a solid object. When printing a honeycomb object, it can be 10 times this volume or even 100 times if the object is totally hollow.

A standard nozzle extrudes about 2.5 meters per minute.

Coloured PLA is stronger and prints better than optically clear PLA.

Clear PLA It is somewhat self-lubricating when in sliding contact with metal surfaces.

Clear PLA is suitable for investment castings.

PLA is the preferred 3D printing filament because of it’s stability and rapid performance as well as being anti-virulent and harmless.

PLA actually smells quite pleasant during printing and produces no noxious fumes.

PLA is considered safe with foodstuffs and has medical bio-neutral uses.

Mechanically, PLA fuses together well when molten and will shatter rather than bend.

PLA is widely considered a ‘hard sounding acoustics plastic’, whereas ABS is softer and more flexible.

PLA vaporizes, leaving no char.
PLA will not degrade but breaks down if you compost it

  • Filament Diameter 3mm
  • Printing filament optimized for main stream desktop FDM/FFF 3D printers.
  • Basic PLA especially formulated and tested for our printers.
  • Tighter specifications leading to better-than-ever prints.
  • Colors included : Glowing blue, Glowing yellow, silver and pink

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